Whether end consumer or purchasing agent for a company – naturally everybody who buys food looks closely at the price. At the price as much as at the quality.

Over many years the price often has been the most crucial factor for business and trade transactions. This also applies to the food sector. However, recently the disclosure of various food scandals have led trade partners to not only focus on the price of a product but also on its quality and sustainability aspects.

Consumers care more and more about catching methods and quota, about the circumstances of animal farming and the influence of aquaculture on the environment. They consider these aspects carefully when making their buying decisions.


A network of professionals who are focused on quality and sustainability regulations are ready to evaluate how food can be done to ensure better quality.


Therefore, the price is not the only purchasing key factor anymore; as a matter of fact, many consumers are willing to accept higher prices, if they can be sure that inevitable harmful influences on Products and environment were reduced to a minimum.

The change in consumers’ consciousness for quality certainly meets our idea of quality. We feel approved in our everyday aspiration to comply with the high-quality standards established with the founding of Customer satisfaction.